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tattoo artist, South Highpoint, FL, United States


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Latest Feedback

    "I love outlaw. If they don't have what I'm looking for, for jewelry, they are more than willing to order it. I went in a while ago and my Daith pierced, and was going to buy a rainbow industrial bar, they didn't have one, and the piercer said they should be getting some when the next shipment comes in. Piercings aren't too expensive. And they tell you how to care for each one individually for best healing results. Even provide a printed copy of how to care for fresh piercing. 10/10 would recommend to anyone."

    "I’ve gotten 2 tattoos by Robert, and both of them are vibrant, straight, colors are bright, his shading is awesome, my tattoos are just awesome. I really really wish I never went anywhere else to get my other tattoos. He’s brutally honest, he will tell you what will pop and what wont, he’s super affordable , and the whole shop is clean. 10/10. He’s worth your time and money."

    "Went for piercing/gauging guidance. Alicia was as amazing as I had read in previous reviews. I appreciated that she sat down with me, educated me on the process, showed me ideas to purchase on the future, and overall remained patient. Decided to get ears pierced right then, my first piercings, and they are perfectly centered. Thanks, Alicia!"


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